About Us

Who We Are

cTela has been promoted by technocrats who have abundant technical expertise, business acumen and wide experience over the years on delivering quality and consistent value add services to their clients. Amalgamating deep industrial knowledge, functional expertise and latest technological advancements, we make it possible for our clients to transform their business goals into accomplishments.

cTela’s unique & energetic work culture connects our distributed teams and creates an inspiring workplace. With a young and professional team  whose average year is less than 35, it is uniquely positioned to deliver quality and consistent output in challenging circumstances overcoming practical constraints. Since our inception, we have been seamlessly fulfilling the on-demand requirements of our clients by being available round the clock and being flexible.

Work Culture & Ethics

We continuously create and manage an environment where our team members are happy, bonding, having fun and most importantly realising the impact and value they are bringing everyday to our customers and to cTela. We nurture high performance work efficacy that is reflected in individual’s leadership qualities and in ownership spirit.

We have our own innovative learning workshop and knowledge initiatives that encourages effective participation and communication, discussion of best practices, sessions on expert views and experience sharing.



Passion - Doing what we love and enjoying what we do, has been our driving mantra.We are an ambitious lot. Seamless communication, with clear goals and singular vision to create groundbreaking values through complexity reduction keeps us going.

Integrity - cTela breathes on integrity. We believe honesty, diligence and reliability should be the basis of all business. We have established standards, policies and procedures that negates likelihood of violations of our stringent code based on Integrity.

Humility - "Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value." -Albert Einstein.
Unwavering willingness to listen, collaborate and attitude to admit mistakes defines who we are in cTela


Our Clients

Our clients list includes Brocade, CISCO-Japser, Leeyo, Cybermass Solutions, GeniusKids franchises and DataeWare. We are vendors for CISCO-Jasper