Data Management

We offer a holistic data management service that can take care of your data from scratch. Our data management team is trained in handling data on Marketo and Salesforce.

Data Cleansing:

Managing the data is key to catapult lead generation, marketing and data planning strategies for businesses.
With our dedicated, professional and highly-skilled team , we ensure your data is cleansed, enriched and take them to a level which supports better marketing.

Data Cleansing:

Value of your customers and prospects is unlocked only through a clean data. It decays at a rate as fast as it seems to grow. Deduplication and cleansing avoids critical errors in reporting and forecasting. Clean data enables to make better business decisions

Data Enrichment:

Key to successful targeting of campaigns is a good quality data. Augmenting data with dimensions would leverage them to become more comprehensive and provide more insights for better targeting. Enriched data is proven to improve conversion and provides higher match rates

Business data:

We deliver lead generation, marketing and data planning strategies for businesses. We support marketing professionals with a comprehensive range of B2B and B2C marketing data services that provide our clients with the knowledge and expertise to help them make informed decisions about their customers, prospects and lead generation marketing strategies.

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Big Data Consulting

Data Sets that once thought as extremely complex to process due to Velocity, Veracity and Volume and as not a treasure trove, are now the key differentiator in driving business decisions. This "Big Data" provides critical insights that provides tangible results on RoI and cost effectiveness

cTela enable clients to solve business problems with the use of big data technologies. Our holistic approach considers a wide variety of data sources, including machine data and data derived from social media, ERP and CRM systems among others. Our services include big data technology implementations using Hadoop ecosystem softwares, technology infrastructure design, machine data analytics, big data application development, proof of concept design and testing, performance improvement and big data tool selection with cost analysis.


Service Offerings

  • Big Data Technology Implementation
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Machine Data Analytics
  • App Development
  • Proof of Concept
  • Tool Selection


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Do you agree the fact that your Website design is a reflection of your business?
Do you need a web page design that portraits your business strategy?
If so, you are at the right place to find the leader in web design! 

We have the expertise in building responsive themes and optimizing sites for mobile displays.

cTela offers consulting on Website design and development and professional services on leading content management systems such as

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • WordPress


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Infrastructure Support

Cloud Infrastructure Support:

With deep and varied technology experience across disparate industries, we have blossomed into a team that offers system design, automation, migrations, remote administration, and deployment of applications on AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure. We can help you bring your enterprise to the AWS cloud or optimize your current AWS setup.

cTela Infrastructure support team has cloud architects and support professions to design, implement, and manage secure and cost effective AWS solutions that align with where your business is and where it's going.

We can help in providing Automated or semi-automated management of your AWS infrastructure with continued oversight of your Costs.Customized 24/7 monitoring of your applications and infrastructure, alerting you to problems, and enabling our experienced professionals or your own.

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Database Administration:

High availability, performance and security of the database environment are centric to any business. We collaborate in helping you to build, manage and monitor databases efficiently and cost-effectively.

cTela has an experienced team of DBA's who can deliver database expertise when and where it's needed. Unlike hiring a single DBA or consultant, Our Database Services provides you access to a team with a wide breadth of expertise in myriad of database technologies including NoSql databases such as:

  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • HBase

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